About Us

Alce Ltda is a manufacturing and distributing company of double wire, also known as Double O Wire or Twin Loop wire. All products are only made with the finest German wire import and available in different color and sizes. We even use high technology machinery to provide our clients with a first-rate double wire.</>

Our compromise with customer satisfaction has led us to train our staff with German engineers to guarantee a high quality product that enhances with a touch of elegance your notebooks, brochures, catalogues, booklets, calendars. Based out of Santiago, Chile, Alce Ltda has a permanent location and warehouse in Denver, Colorado, with the capacity to ship all over the United States.

Mission and Vision

Mission: It’s our goal to provide the world with only the highest quality double wire with an affordable price and a great service.

Vision: Our vision is to upgrade a product into one of excellence that makes life simple and organized.